Dictionary of Arab & Muslim Freemasons

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By Jean-Marc ARACTINGI - Unpublished to date, this dictionary of Arab and Muslim Freemasons is a challenge in itself! Indeed, the lack of sources and especially the law of silence ("Kitman" in Arabic) surrounding many Arab and Muslim Freemasons, who risk imprisonment or even death - Freemasonry is prohibited in most Arab countries - did not facilitate the task of the author. The result of this work of ants has still allowed him to list 1200 names of Arab and Muslim Freemasons who have distinguished themselves in their country, mainly from the 18th to the 20th century. Among them there are : 15 kings, 40 presidents, 35 prime ministers, several ministers ... as well as clerics: Sheikhs, Imams, Bishops, Priests ..., for example: The Emir Abdelkader, Abdel Nasser, Ataturk, Mohamed Abdo , Jamaleddin al Afghani, Aga Khan III, Amadou Toumani Toure, Jordanian Hussein, Camille Chamoun, Bachir Gemayel, Hashem al Atassi, Haqqi al Azm, Salaheddin Baccouche, Gibran Khalil Gebran, Driss Basri, Ali Bongo, Boni Yayi, Habib Bouguiba, Mohamed Boudiaf, Idriss Deby, Boubacar Keita, Mamadou Tandja, Abdoulaye Wade, Ahmed Guedira ...

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